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Rakuten Agile Job Hunting 2022

"Rakuten Agile Job Hunting" is an 1-day event where you go through multiple interviews and even get a job offer by end of day. Normally such process would take months, so save your time and apply for this intense and special event now!


Conclude in 1-Day

Get a job offer within single day,
which normally takes 2 months.


Just 2 Interviews

After the first, next is final interview.


Select From 3 Positions

All different, but each connected.
Application Engineer
Product Manager
Test Engineer


Flow to offer


Information session

We will hold a briefing session, so if you have a  time, please join us. (Optional).



We will notify you of the results of document screening whether you pass or not.


Agile Job Hunting(1day)

It will be hold online (Zoom)



We will notify you of offer or not within the day.

Job category

Positions to be filled at Agile Job Hunting 2022

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Events & Information Sessions


Information session for Product Managers and Test Engineers (Japanese)

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Information session for English-speaking people

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Information Session for Application Engineers 


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Interview Dates Application Engineer
Date A:2022.2.19日(Sat)
Date B:2022.2.26(Sat)
*Select your interview date from either A or B.

Product Manager & Test Engineer
Job Category Engineering (Regular Employee)
Required Qualifications ・Student currently studying in university/college located in Japan, and is expected to graduate on either April or October of 2023.
Able to communicate at business or higher level, in either English or Japanese.
Willing actively communicate in English.
Programming experience, for applicants who desires Application Engineer job.
Application Deadline 2022.2.13(Sun) 23:59
Application Process Screening and zoom interviews based on "Entry Sheet" submitted.
Only applicants who passed screening process are invited to interviews.
Inquiries Rakuten Group, Group HR Division
Email: recruit-tech@mail.rakuten.com
Important Note: upon inquiry, pls include above Japanese letters in Subject line.


Commerce tech's main services



What language could I use for coding test?
You can choose from; C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Lua, Obejective C, Pascal, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Scala, Visual Basic.
Could I choose my interview lanuage?。
Yes, you can choose from English or Japanese.
I am interested in engineering job in other than commerce-related businesses (ex: Rakuten Card, Rakuten Mobile, etc)
This event is targeted for engineers interested in engineering job in Rakuten Commerce Company.
Is there coding test for any job title?
We only ask applicants who wishes for Application Engineer role to take coding test. Test Engineer and Product Manager role are not required.
I have questions other than above.
You can either ask during a session scheduled on Feb-8, or click the link here.