Job listings /採用情報 Life and Leisure

Commerce tech consists of both EC-tech and L&L-tech (L&L stands for Life & Leisure)


We are looking for new talented people for moving forward. LL-tech has various tech departments.


if interested, please take it look and contact us !


Life & Leisure Technology Supervisory Department

Here is EC tech



Application Developer (Travel) Osaka : TAD

Application Developer(Travel):TAD

Product Manager (Travel) Osaka : TAD

Product Manager for Japanese Users (Travel):TAD

Technical Support (Travel):TAD

Test Designer (Travel):TAD

Hadoop Developer (Travel):TID

Prodcut Manager (Travel):TID

Senior Backend Engineer (Travel):TID

Senior Front-End Engineer(Travel):TID

Senior Data Scientist (Travel・Reinforcement Learning) : TLPD

Senior Database Administrator (Travel) :TSDD

Senior Service QA Engineer (Leisure):LPD

Service QA Engineer (Leisure Service):LPD

Vice Manager (Leisure Service・toto/ Lottery):LPD

Web Application Engineer (Java or PHP) (GORA) : LPD

Web Application Engineer (Leisure・KEIRIN) Shinagawa:LPD

Engineer (Leisure・Rakuten Eagles/Vissel Kobe):SSDD

Producer (Rakuten Baseball) Sendai:SSDD

Management Accounting staff for Development (Products):LLTSD

Procurement for System (Company):LLTSD

Commerce Company TechnologyHR Manager: CTAD