Interview for speaker of JaSST’20 Tokyo

【Cancel】JaSST 20’ Tokyo

The nonprofit organization ASTER and JaSST committee, which organize JaSST, have canceled the Japan Symposium on Software Testing “JaSST 2020 Tokyo”, which had been scheduled on 9th and 10th March, 2020 due to fears over the spread of coronavirus.

Hello. This is R-Hack editorial office.

Today I’d like to introduce you the three employees, Awasawa, Rajat and Rosana, who are going to join as speakers in JaSST'20 Tokyo.

JaSST is the annual largest software testing symposium in Japan and will be held in Tokyo next month.

Besides, this year JaSST is expanding further the domestic sphere and becoming an International conference by including English sessions for the first time.

What’s your impression of  JaSST’20 Tokyo ?

(Awasawa) I think JaSST'20 Tokyo is the very valuable symposium for everyone to get some solutions or clues because there is so wide variety of sessions; some are academic, some are interesting with real opinion from onsite tester.

(Rajat)JaSST’20 gave us great chance to learn it each other and interact with industry experts. I am looking forward to this great event, and, it’s a good opportunity to learn about Japanese testing methods and practices.

(Rosana)I think JaSST'20 Tokyo is a great opportunity to meet outstanding and interesting people. This time, so many professional participants are joining from not only Japan, but also many countries, so we can have opportunities to share our approaches to testing and learn from the experiences of everyone.

What are you going to talk about?


We’re going to participate in the session ” [Case Study] How to manage diversified testing team in Japan “ as speakers.


What do you plan to emphasize in your session?

(Awasawa)I hope this presentation will be useful for you to consider how to manage the diversity.

(Rajat) In my presentation, I would like to focus on how we can use the data in the diversified team to achieve quality and work as “ONE TEAM”.


I’m going to participate in the panel “Required testers skills in the age of Agile / DevOps

― What do you plan to emphasize on your session?

 (Rosana) Iterative frameworks like Agile or DevOps give QA specialists the opportunity of working in all the stages of development. Whether this voice is informed enough and listened to depends on our skills and experience, and that's something that all professionals most carefully consider.
Please give your message for the audiences of JaSST’20 Tokyo

(Awasawa) So far “testing” is running later rather than “development”. I want to improve more and more with you guys in coming JaSST’20 Tokyo. Let’s discuss about everything related to testing!

(Rajat)I believe the theme of my discussion, Quality Assurance based on fact and data, would be so interesting.

This would help us to achieve more production results and output. It will help to improve our processes and showcase our strength. This will help to grow as ONE TEAM even if you have diversified team on projects. So come and join me in JaSST’20 Tokyo session to know more on this.

(Rosana)If you are interested in testing, you should definitely join it. And even if you are not, Quality Assurance is probably already impacting your work in one way or another. Don’t you think you would like to know more about the mindset of the people that guarantee the safety of your release in production? I think it's always interesting to gain a different perspective about our jobs, and JaSST’20 Tokyo seems a perfect opportunity to do so.


Can’t wait for JaSST’20 Tokyo!

If you want to join the JaSST’20 Tokyo, please visit the application form in the following URL:
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