Oasis for the employees! Let us tell you about ”Rakuten Cafe”!

Hi there! Today, I would like to talk about “Rakuten Cafe”.

How many times do you buy coffee or something to drink (not only coffee but also tea or
something) a day? In my case, coffee is essential during my work, so I often get them when I come to my office, when I want to switch into business-mode after lunch, or when I want to refresh in the afternoon, e.g.

I usually refresh with some coffee. Thanks to coffee, I can concentrate more on my work.
In our Rakuten Crimson House there is a “Rakuten Cafe”, which is next to the cafeteria. Youcan stop by there anytime you want to get some coffee or some other items.

Here is “Rakuten Café” on the 9th floor at Rakuten Crimson House.


There is a long line-up before and after the commute time!


The café serves not only beverages but also breads, so it appears that many employees get their breakfast here.


Also, Rakuten café has their own kitchen to make the breads! Our delicious coffee and the fresh breads are the best combination! They also serve “Seasonal Special Breads”, so I sometimes check it out.


Smoothie is also available at Rakuten Café on the 9th floor. That sounds healthy that you can have it at the work place! It’s popular among female employees.


Here is “Green Smoothie”. It has natural sweetness of fruits, it’s light and mild.


By the way, here is the café on the 22th floor which is located in Rakuten Crimson House as well.


A cute signboard welcomes us at the entrance


At 22F’s café, they sell refreshments such as sandwiches and baked sweets. Don’t you want to have some when taking a break?


Then, here is another cafe at “Futako Tamagawa Rise Office”.


In this café there are some “Special beverages” like Tapioka drink, Apple Caramel Cinnamon, and so on!

Especially, “Hot Apple Caramel Cinnamon” is just right for this coming season.
That’s like desserts and the sweetness is fantastic!


The café is attached to the cafeteria, so it’s quite convenient to buy some coffee right after lunch, and he best thing is that you can talk a little with the team members here with one hand of coffee.
When meetings are not necessary and it is a bit difficult to talk via emails, we can invite our co-workers “Shall we go get some coffee?”.
The café revitalizes our communication among team members, and we can frankly ask for advice there.

As for information of other facilities in Rakuten Crimson House, please check the following articles.