A Meeting room or A Showroom!? Explore the client meeting rooms at Rakuten Crimson House!

 Hello! Let’s look at the meeting rooms in our client area today.

We have meeting rooms in the designated client areas that are separate from internal ones, which are used for meetings with business partners and recruitment interviews, etc. They are not just meeting rooms, but special meeting rooms!
Let us share the great spec of our meetings rooms in this R-Hack article with you,; from selected features to convenience set up available everywhere!

Luxury lounge like a hotel

The meeting rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of our office building, and this is a photo of the lounge on the 2nd floor. Guests are welcomed in this ample and comfortable space. The chic, quiet and unified look of wooden style makes one wonder “Am I at a luxury hotel?”…

There are open spaces available for waiting time etc., with the stylish black furniture!

You can find the Rakuten goods shop in this area; please enjoy shopping for souvenirs.

Refreshments for guests are available in this fridge and you can pick up water or tea etc. from here. See the shape of slots of rubbish bins (cups/ plastic bottles)!!

Now let’s go upstairs to the 3rd floor.

Your eyes would be caught by the large, red sofa on this floor -the color of the sofa is called “Crimson Red” (=a rich deep red ) which is a corporate color of Rakuten that consists of red and slight blue. You would find this color used for various interior within Rakuten Crimson house.

Look at this height and width –it is the best fit for children for climbing up and run around, isn’t it?


Walking along the corridor you can see meeting rooms with glass walls. Actually all meeting rooms at Rakuten have glass walls. These are designed based on the corporate concept of Rakuten Crimpson House: “An open workplace where people and ideas thrive.”


No rooms are identical – our meeting rooms are showrooms!

This is our meeting room area; the carpets in crimson red are almost shining! You will be stunned to see these red floor and numerous meeting rooms!


All furniture in our meeting rooms, including tables and chairs, are products of shops on Rakuten Ichiba so these rooms are functioning as their showrooms!
Usually meeting rooms could be a bit boring with the same layout and same furniture, however every room at Rakuten is different to each other so people can enjoy looking at those unique rooms!




In some rooms you can see the comments from the manufacturer – presenting their special care and thought for the products that make us feel “we should use these rooms respectfully.”


All rooms are equipped with whiteboard and large monitors. The walls are whiteboards – on which you can easily write down the idea and share with the meeting attendees. Monitors can be used for video meetings with people in remote locations.


Each room has a tablet at the entrance and you need to check-in when you start using the room by touching it. The room reservation will be automatically cancelled if nobody checks-in by 10 minutes past the meeting time.


We will share more stories about Rakuten Crimson house via R-Hack; please stay in touch!