You can get breads and sweets nearby! We went to the Rakuten Convenience store, “Crimson Store!”


Hi, everyone. Today, we would like to introduce you “Crimson Store – A convenience store in Rakuten office”.

Rakuten Crimson House has Crimson Stores on 9th and 22th floors, and many employees use them every day.

We will tell you thoroughly about the Crimson Store they casually use!

Soft cream, alcohol, and so on!

Great selection, you can get easily what you want!

This is the entrance of the Crimson House on 9th floor. It is next to the Cafeteria. Although that is a convenience store at office, there is a big imitation soft cream at the entrance and it means they serve it! I guess you might not be able to imagine that you have a soft cream at your office, but it will make you feel refreshed when you want to have a break.

The sign says the ranking of their popular items. When we visit there, the first place of chocolate was “Snickers”, and the first place of health drink was “Monster Energy Zero”! Everyone who felt tired at work recharge their brain and body.    

They have not only snacks, refreshments, and drinks, but also stationary, daily necessities, and so on as well as general convenience stores.

You can easily find coffee machines at convenience stores recently, of course Crimson stores have them as well!

Surprisingly, small size coffee is only 100 yen!! Some of the employees always get it after lunch.

It is hard to believe, but… they sell alcohol!! Is it possible to have drink at work place?! That’s fine! Of course, it is not allowed to have drink at your working time, but having “Cheers!” after a big project is exceptional!

They have great selection for breads too! Surprisingly, some breads are baked in the Store! Many employees get them and have them as their breakfast at their own desks.

The ATM is available too. It is totally “Cash-less” at Rakuten Crimson House, so it is unique that “Rakuten Edy Charger” is available.

The other unique thing is that they sell “Rakuten Okaimono Panda” items and “Rakuten Golden Eagles” sweets! Your family would be happy if you get for them.

And, this is the Crimson Store on the 22nd floor.

That is smaller than 9th F one, the selection is enough! Since Rakuten Crimson House has 27 floors, the employees on the upper level floor like to use that.

When they can’t have enough time for lunch, when they get a little hungry, when it is rainy, they can easily get what they want withour going outside, so it is so helpful for the employees who are busy!

Rakuten Crimson House has many other places and facilities to feel comfortable and help their performance!

We will introduce sequentially on R-Hack, so don’t miss it!