So many options! Open work places in the Rakuten Crimson House

Hi everyone!

The design and layout of the office has been diversified nowadays, and companies which have open work places and break rooms are getting increased.
When the meeting rooms are busy, when you want to concentrate on work alone, you can use them. I got an information that Rakuten Crimson House has a wide variety of them, so today I visited to find them!


Open meeting rooms for people to talk are everywhere

This is a place with a L shaped sofa, it’s spacious and nice for 5 to 6 people. There’s a tea dispenser nearby and it’s complimentary! I think you can feel cozy and like you are at home!


I found another one which is in a small space between the lockers and the wall! You might overlook if you don’t know there is a room.  It’s “open work place”, but it is almost a private room! That’s a perfect place when you want to talk secretly, isn’t it?



This is another one with the round tables. They look like waning moons and are combined. That’s a sophisticated!


Nearby here is a work place for one person. That’s a perfect place to concentrate on work, because the seats are surrounded by partitions. Be careful not to nap!


They won’t waste the far side of the room! With a small table and chairs, the place turns into a meeting place! Actually, the wall works as white boards, so it’s possible to write while sitting. It is so efficient!


This is another work place in the far side of the room as well. Don’t you think that triangle table is rare? It can be placed along the wall, and you can sit diagonally, not face to face or side by side, so it makes more comfortable atmosphere to talk. Personally, I want to get one for my place!



This is seats called “casual restaurant seats”. It seems many companies have set seats at their office like that. You can talk more frankly because it’s far from the main work place.


I found the nice one like this! It’s a totally different world! The interior is more like a chic cafe than an office!



There is also such an exception


No more tables and chairs! If that’s fine for you, you can discuss while standing! The wall works as whiteboards and the pens are available too, so you can have a meeting quickly. I saw some teams who were discussing while standing and many white boards with traces that explain they are used for many discussions.


You can discuss anywhere and everywhere! They promote internal communication

I investigated the open work place at the Rakuten Crimson Office, and found out that the usage rate of them is high, and many employees were talking there.

Since the employees can talk together frankly at the work place, they might be able to get clues and awareness for their work in the conversation.

You can use them when you want to concentrate on their work apart from your own desk, and you can choose your work place based on your mood and situation.

The open work place with tremendous merit is already our necessary place!