Career development of Tech Internal Open Position System



Hi everyone. This is R-Hack editorial office.

Have you thought “I want to try something different.”, or ”I am interested in the job of the department.” when you have been working at the same division?

This time, we will introduce you an “Internal Open Position system - OJI”, which supports career path of employees at Rakuten.

OJI is a shortcut to achieve ideal career

OJI system is for internal recruits as well as external one when projects or departments need new employees.That is one of the system to promote employee’s voluntary career development.

The goal is boosting motivation for work, and improving as individual and collective by voluntary action instead of conventional transferring by company direction.

Available positons are updated on the intranet. There is a condition of application, and engineer positons require over a year experience at Rakuten. After applied, interview will be conducted with related departments like HR, and they will be transferred when it is approved.

Our development has wide variety of industries and services, that’s why we can offer positions which matches each skill and career development.


That’s win-win system for employees and companies 

Many engineers might have thought “I want to know the style of development in the different department.” “I want to try different development because I have been working on the same product for a long time.”.

If you want to be transferred to not only development but also business, you can try to make a significant career change!

Most of employees, who used the OJI system, seem to be motivative and positive. They told us they felt rewarding in their desired department, and felt inspired to try new things and enjoy their work.

We interviewed Daichi-san, who is transferred from Media & Sports Company to Commerce Tech, to share the reason of using this system and benefit.

 “I have been thinking of trying on different tasks, and just found my desired position, so I made up my mind to use the OJI system.

I think the good point is that I can get the information of the department at the job interview and compare many positions at once without limiting one department.

OJI is significant to know deferent department and environment as the first step. I recommend people, who are struggling to decide to change career, to contact preferred department and have an interview.”

The best thing of the OJI system is that employees can try new things by making use of their experience and current environment.

That is a beneficial system for both employees who are working on their ideal career development and companies which aim to improve its capability. 

We will update about work style and daily life as well as internal system, work environment, and culture at Rakuten. Please keep an eye on it.