Attention, engineers! Development learning courses for creating valuable services


Hi, everyone. This is R-Hack editorial office.

If you are interested in becoming a Commerce Company engineer, this is a must read! Here, I will introduce various skill development courses that support the development skills of Rakuten engineers.

All popular online training tools are free of charge!

In the ever-evolving IT industry, daily learning is essential to always keep up with the latest technology. So, Rakuten provides a variety of training courses to support engineers in improving their skills.

Training is available both online and offline (study sessions are organized by Rakuten). An example of online courses is Udemy for Business, which you can use free of charge!

Have you ever head of Udemy?

Udemy is an online video learning platform.

Many of the videos are programming related, but you can also learn about marketing, design and such.

This is free to use if you belong to the development department.

There is a variety of courses, for example server-side programming courses essential for full-fledged web system development and contents useful for new developers.

There are many contents that can be used by beginners and advanced developers alike, such as for those who have never tried it before but want to learn a little, or for those who want to study more in detail. You can learn about what you want at your own pace.

Many engineers use this service for upskilling, such as when they want to learn about technology they don’t know, or as reference when designing a system.


I tried it a little.


The common language at Rakuten is English, but the courses on Udemy are available in both English and Japanese. You can study in the language you are good at.


This time, I took a course on Python, which I used in my research during school time.


The course starts with instructions on how to download Python to your Mac. If you don’t have experience, the explanation is useful.

I remembered the time when I frantically searched for instructions on how to download and do the initial setup.

The course was packed with information from the basics to data analysis and parallel processing and was very good for someone who has studied before to learn new things and review 

This course costs 24,000 JPY if you buy it personally, but you can use it for free if you become a Rakuten engineer.

The videos in Udemy for Business are available for unlimited viewing so you can use it without hesitation when you just want to take a look or quickly review the basics.

I am also using this site to learn every day so that more people will read this post and also R-hack.


Variety of courses, not only online but offline

Various offline training courses (study sessions organized by Rakuten) are held monthly, and you are able to learn about techniques from basic to practical, such as AI, big data, Blockchain, DevOps and much more. These training courses are held during work hours, so as long as you can take time out from work, even those who can’t study after work due to family commitments can easily participate. And what’s more, the training will be taught by employees! After taking the instructor certification program, employees are able to serve as instructors for the training. Many employees become instructors as it is one of the opportunities to further improve their professional skills.

Rakuten’s training courses aren’t just for improving development skills

There are also a number of business skills training courses held every month to improve team performance and management skills.

The development department is one of the most multinational environments in Rakuten. In a team where members with diverse cultural backgrounds gather, it is important to foster smooth communication regardless of country or language differences.

Business skills training ranges from presentation skills and leadership skills for managers, to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for team building, to learning how to resolve conflict within a team!

Individual upskilling is of course important, but since work is not done alone, it is also important to learn about teamwork and human relations. Training is provided for managers, mid-career, new graduates and teams according to their roles and situations.

To deliver valuable services to the world, Rakuten provides the environment where engineers can improve their development skills and each employee can continue to grow with high motivation.

For engineers who want to work at Commerce Company, we are looking for people who will work together with us to create products in a variety of departments, such as “Rakuten Ichiba”. If you are interested, please check the link below and apply. We look forward to seeing you!