Office environment and work style at Rakuten Group headquarters, revealed!

Hi, this is R-Hack editorial office. How do you imagine the office environment and work
style are for the engineers working at Rakuten Group? Some may think it may not be so

For example,

“I’m sure they sit and work in front of a computer all day...”
“They handle the company’s important data, so maybe they work in a closed place?”
“The day must end without talking to anyone…”


To answer your questions, this article will introduce the work environment of the engineers at Rakuten Commerce & Marketing Company Development Department (C&M Company TECH)!


ー Open and spacious office with great sunlight and views!

The first thing you will notice when you enter the office floor is…its spaciousness, large
windows, and high ceiling! The floor is open with lots of large windows, so it gets great
sunlight. You can enjoy the panorama of Tama River and Futakotamagawa from the

The spectacular view will blow your fatigue away!

Futakotamagawa, located in Setagaya Ward, is close from the city center but also has a
moderate amount of nature, so the harmony of buildings and residential areas with
greenery is enchanting. Looking out the window during a break from work will be a nice
change of pace.

ー Stylish free space and free water server!

Next, let me introduce some of the facilities on the office floor. First, each floor has easily accessible meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms and employee cafeterias have large tables installed.

A variety of meeting rooms are available. This one is a single person pod.

We also have stylish and comfortable free spaces.

It can be used when meeting rooms are occupied or for small meetings. The nearby wall can also be used as a whiteboard, which is convenient.

In addition to these, water servers are installed on some office floors.

Free water server

It’s convenient when you need a little thirst-quenching and saves money compared to buying drinks from a vending machine every day!

Personal lockers with locks are also available. It can be used to store small personal items in the office.


ー Increase in work efficiency! Engineer-friendly desk setup

Next, let me share how C&M Company TECH engineers work and their desk setup.

Some may have the impression that engineers work in a sedentary environment, but
actually, some work standing up.

Rakuten Crimson House has installed electric elevating desks throughout the company. You can adjust them to your preferred height and choose to stand or sit while working.

Health concerns may arise when sitting for extended periods of time. Changing posture, such as standing regularly, can reduce the strain on your body. These elevating desks are popular with our engineers because it helps prevent back pain and drowsiness!

The reclining chairs can also be raised to any height.

Additionally, a nice peripheral for engineers to have is a desk top monitor. Being able to use more than one monitor fulfills the wish of those who want to work with a dual display.

Dual display improves daily work efficiency.

As you can see, a comfortable work environment has been prepared for engineers with elevating desks and dual displays. Throughout the day, many members are seen using the free space and meeting rooms to engage in lively discussions, creating a sense of energy throughout the floor.


In the end

How was the office tour? This article introduced the office floor of C&M Company TECH. Some may be surprised because it was different from your original image. I hope this article gave you some insight into the work environment and work style of the engineers working at C&M Company TECH.

R-Hack will continue to share with you the work and daily life of C&M Company TECH engineers. Stay tuned!