Meet-Up” event in Iizuka City

As part of countermeasures for coronavirus, Rakuten will implement following measures

Event Date: January 24, 2020
We hold this event before the enforcement of those measures.

Currently, Rakuten voluntarily refrained from participating in event.
As part of countermeasures for coronavirus, Rakuten will implement following measures effective from 2/18:

Hi all – this is Sasamon, an engineer of Rakuten Fukuoka Branch.

Recently went to the “Pizza Party” event held at Kyushu Institute of Technology Iizuka campus, organized by the Iizuka City office.

Let me share the details of the event!

What’s the “Pizza Party”?

It is a meet-up event arranged by Iizuka City for encouraging communication between students and companies.

The event had more than 60 participants coming from various companies including Rakuten and other venture firms, students of Kyushu Institute of Technology, and staffs from other municipalities.


There were ads of the Pizza Party at many spots in the campus.

How was the party?

The party was kicked off by the self-introduction of the participants, followed by free-chatting.


From Rakuten team – first of all we did an introduction about our firm; talked about the scale of our business, the number of services we provide, and so on.


Then we showed our day-to-day work details as engineer at the Fukuoka Branch, and also mentioned about our organization we belong to, etc.

We think it was a great opportunity for us to communicate directly with students in Fukuoka and present them what actually we are doing at Fukuoka office of Rakuten.


Look at this photo – so many participants!

After our session we enjoyed casual talks with students who got interested in Rakuten very much. 

Sasamon’s notes:

It’s becoming more and more popular to hold this type of “meet-up” events for many companies, where they can do information exchanges / recruiting / socializing; I thought it is a valuable opportunity for both students and business people as they can speak casually at these kinds of events.

Some students commented that they were happy to have separate chances to learn about the companies aside from the hiring events or internship programs.

I had a great time myself and felt that it is really important to fill in the gaps between students and firms by setting up more occasions like this event.

More stories to come in the R-Hack articles, about many topics in the region or reports about the events, please watch out!


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