Revealed how R-Hack articles released Six months already passed since R-Hack started!

 Hi, there. Thank you for visiting R-Hack as always. 

It has been about six months since R-Hack was released on October 15th, 2019.

Time just flew! We can’t believe that six months already passed!

Although we are still developing, the number of readers in our office is gradually increasing. So, some employees talk to us, “How do you operate the media?” or “How did you make that article?”.

From here on out, we will introduce behind the scenes of R-Hack little by little. Today, we will share how the articles are made and released!

Shown for the first time! The fact of R-Hack.

R-Hack was concentrating on our works based on the vision to introduce Commerce Tech employees and our culture to readers so that we could have good feedbacks from our readers, like “It sounds nice for working at Rakuten!” or” The employees of Commerce Tech are unique!”.

Between you and me, R-Hack editorial office consists of non-specialist of “Owned Media”, and most of the members have their own main positions while operating R-Hack.

Moreover, all works are insourcing, like planning, interview, photo shooting, writing, retouching, and development and design of the webpage! We are always looking for ways to improve our media.  

How the plans take shape

All flows, and the behind of the scenes

The process for making articles are separated in four processes as follows;

  1. Planning and selection
  2. Interview, Photo shooting, Writing
  3. Checking the draft
  4. Submit, Release

First, we do planning and selection. That should be essential, and the most difficult task. Each member brings their own ideas, and discusses about contents and interviewees to release.


We frankly exchange our opinion looking at past articles, “What plan to do next?”.  

Since we cannot prepare too much topics of planning, we always need to look for that. We are enthusiastically searching any topics at our office!

After the plan is decided, we start next step.

Personally, interviews and photo shooting are the best part of this works. I am always excited when I knew stories I haven’t heard and places in the office I have never seen!      


At the interview. Sometimes secret stories we cannot release come?!

Once the contents of the article are decided, we will start writing. This is exactly like birth pangs! That is so tough task for people who are not used to write articles, but we keep working hard to introduce our work atmosphere and thought of interviewers.

All articles are checked at our Tech PR Group, and the articles are translated in English. Then, they are finally published on R-Hack 

Each member consistently takes care of all process, like from planning to writing, but we sometimes ask other departments to write them depends on the contents.

We have recently received requests from other department like “Could you introduce our event?” or “Our department would like to write articles.”.

Increasing planning and writers is connected to a wide range of information, so we would like to have more requests.    


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What is our goals for R-Hack?

We are at the dawn, and like a “startup company”. We have mission, but no strict rules.
So, we currently try anything what we thought good, and think outside the box. Unexpected articles might be released in the future!  

In the trial and the error, the important thing is how we make new value for readers. We will keep trying so that both the readers and our coworkers could find new things and feel fun. Please keep your eye on that!

We are waiting for requests and comments about our articles and planning! If you have them, please visit the following URL and post them!