On Labor Thanksgiving Day, the children of Rakuten Golden Kids came!

Hi, everyone!

November 23rd was Labor Thanksgiving Day. That is one of the national holidays which was established for the purpose of commemorating labor and production, and giving thanks to each other.  

On that day, did you show appreciation to someone? Someone expressed appreciation for you?

Perhaps, you might just think “Woohoo! It’s a holiday!”.

R-Hack editorial office joined an event because we heard Rakuten Crimson House has an event. The purpose of that was for the kids of Rakuten Golden Kids to express gratitude to their working dad and mom. This year, the Labor Thanksgiving Day was on Saturday, so it was held on Friday instead.

The photo is taken from a little far, tough…. Can you see that?


The children who go to Rakuten Golden Kids (3 – 5 years) came to one corner of the Cafeteria on 9th floor.

Usually the cafeteria is used by only employees, but many kids are there. It is so refreshing! 

Employees automatically switch back to dad mode and mom mode from work mode.

Children gave them cute coloring sheets as their gift!


They are brilliantly colored like mandalas. Anything what their kids made always makes parents happy! I feel comfortable when I imagine how they were trying to color the sheet.

In the end of the event, all children said together to their parents to express their gratitude, “Dad, mom, thank you for everything!”. The message relieves the tiredness of the usual work, doesn’t it?

The event was fantastic and warm, and made everyone smile!

This time, we could have such a great opportunity, because Rakuten has a daycare center for the children of Rakuten employees as an initiative to support balance between work and child raising responsibilities.   

We will continuously introduce our rules and unique events on R-Hack, please don’t miss them!   


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