Many fancy costumes - Halloween fun day!!

Halloween, on October 31st, which costume did you wear in the wonderful event?

At Rakuten, we can wear our preferred costume at work in Halloween every year.

They have a photography competition after working hour, everyone is totally up for it.

The atmosphere is gorgeous in the workplace every year. So, I walked around to find any interesting costume.


When I was about to get on the elevator, I found “Minions”!

That was so big and nearly occupied one third of the elevator.


The entrance is full of Halloween color too!!


A hand is coming from the post!


There are many pumpkins everywhere.

They are under the clothes rack.


I can't help smiling when I enter the meeting room, because the door of the room is decorated.


Also, at the entrance of the office.


Pumpkins everywhere!




Commerce Tech members dressed up too.

This is toto/Lottery Product Group.

That is great that everyone dress up together!

On the other hand, no one of R-Hack member dressed up, so I want to try next year!


An employee dressed up as a maid! Actually, she is he.


Of course, the employees at local branch dressed up as well.


Here are the members at the Osaka branch.


At the cafeteria, there are many “Wally”!


I would rather explore to find dressed up employees than work at my own desk, because some employees were putting on fancy and interesting costumes, like dinosaurs, Disney characters, and so on.

I can’t wait for the Halloween next year!

We will introduce other events, so don’t miss it!