Excellent employees have excellent friends! We hold the referral event

As part of countermeasures for coronavirus, Rakuten will implement following measures

We hold this event before the enforcement of those measures.
Event Date:November, 2019
Currently, Rakuten voluntarily refrained from participating in event.
As part of countermeasures for coronavirus, Rakuten will implement following measures effective from 2/18:

Hi everyone. This is R-Hack editorial office.

The days have gotten a lot longer.

When I wake up in the morning and open the curtain, the sun is bright and I feel that summer is near.


Commerce Tech recently held a referral recruiting event. It has been a regular event since last year, and this was the third time it was held! !


Excellent people have excellent friends!

Do you all know the term referral adoption?

About the employee referral system, Rakuten is recommended for friends who want to join or are interested in joining Commerce Tech.
It is a system where employees are introduced and selected!

Recently, the number of companies using this recruiting method has increased, but Commerce Tech is also focusing on referral recruitment, and we hold this event on a regular basis, thinking "There are excellent people around excellent people!" .

At the event, employees invite the next candidate to the company and talk casually about the work content of Commerce Tech and the life of Rakuten. ‥

Many of the guests who come to the event listen to the company through their friends and family, know about it, and participate with interest, so they listened enthusiastically and the recruiting side also spoke. The event was very lively, with some people bringing their resumes.

Delicious rice and sake are included! !

Of course we also support vegetarians. Only in Rakuten where multinational employees are enrolled


Participants are friends, family and former colleagues

About 50 guests, including friends, family members, and former colleagues of the event, participated in this event.

There are many couples who work at Commerce Tech, and one of them is working at Rakuten first, and then the other comes in by referral.

If you work as a couple, you can eat breakfast and dinner together at the company, so it's a great advantage, for example, that you don't have to cook even if you get tired from work on weekdays and go home!


Work with the people you want to work with! Benefit each other!

There are many good points about hiring referrals, but one of them is that the employees you introduce can introduce your friends who want to work together to your company.
Also, the introduced person can get various information about the company from friends, and can reduce anxiety before joining the company,
I think this is a wonderful system where both parties will win and win and the company will be happy.
The commerce company will continue to actively utilize referral recruitment! !



A Okaimono panda that is always available at events. I was watching the venue again this time

If you're interested in Commerce Tech, be sure to ask a friend working at Rakuten for more information.

Also, we plan to hold regular recruitment events even if our friends do not have Rakuten employees, so please check R-Hack regularly if you are interested.


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