An employee joined Rankuten as new grad after experienced “夏の陣 Summer intern” Why did he decide to join Rakuten as engineer?

Hi, everyone. This is the R-Hack editorial office. Today, let us introduce an employee who joined Rakuten after having “夏の陣 – Summer Intern”.

An engineer, Mac-san, entered Rakuten as new graduates in April, 2017.

Hi, Mac-san, it is good to meet you.

It is good to meet you, too. I am a bit nervous.。

Please make yourself at home.

Well, this is very first time for R-hack to post an interview article….

Oh, is this? I am getting more nervous…!

The interview has begun with cozy atmosphere.




What should I do? I have been asking myself that question on job hunting.

Firstly, I have heard from you that the reason for joining Rakuten was “夏の陣 Summer intern”, right?

That’s right. I decided to enter Rakuten after experienced the summer intern.

I see.

Well, I would like to ask you questions one by one, why did you apply for that?

Originally, I was considering about joining mechanical industry, but I was not sure if I wanted to enter the industry.

So, I decided to experience the other field except mechanical so that I can convince myself that I should join the mechanical.

I got it. But, why did you choose the summer intern of IT industry?

I was thinking vaguely that IT industry is interesting, but most of the companies don’t have position for inexperienced person.

Then I fortunately happened to find the information of the webpage about the summer intern, and it says “Welcome inexperienced applicants too”.

I thought “I won’t miss this chance!” and applied.


My life changed 180 degrees. The experience changed my destiny.

Wow, you just happened to find that! Was it a large experience for you?

Well, it is not just a large one for me, my life has completely changed through that! I decided to try joining Rakuten rather than mechanical company.

That’s amazing! What did you experience there?

The contents of that was making plan and prototype based on the theme they gave us, and demonstration with my team (four people) for five days.

It was so difficult to discuss and make them with people I have just met.

Of course, it was fun, but the most impressive thing was the Rakuten employees I met there.


The Rakuten employees – That was totally different than I have been imagining  

I have been having image of business person is wearing jacket, handling tasks under the instruction of boss every day, going for drink a bar at night.

However, the employees of Rakuten are totally different from that. They look like they always do their best and do what they want. During the intern, the employees was seriously taking care us and gave me so many advises. Moreover, they became very excited like it is about theirself.

I thought I can improve myself with them. I never imagine the great meeting, so that’s thanks to the summer intern!!

Don't be a receiver, be a go getter.


You entered Rakuten after experienced intern.

After you joined, do you have some unexpected things?

I was thinking that I can be the employees I met at the summer intern when I joined Rakuten, but that’s not correct.

It took a half year to realize that.

What did you notice about?

I learned “Don't be a receiver, be a go getter.”

After I joined Rakuten, I finally could find out why the senior coworkers I met there were lively working.

I think I am undergoing change since then.

I see. I guess that would be a big awareness for you, and you could build on your experience.

Right. Now, I am working of “Rakuten GORA” as an API engineer.

I used to do what I was instructed, but now I am willing to imagine the user activity and always thinking, “What kind of data should I return to the front engineers?”, “How can I make efficient logic?”, and I suggest my opinions to my leader.

So, I enjoy my work more!


What is the future plan for your work at Rakuten?

Do you have plans in the future at Rakuten?

Rakuten has an award “楽天賞 Rakuten Award” for the employees who showed outstanding achievement, so I would like to get it. Also, I want to handle projects without help from my senior coworkers.

I do my best for that every day.

I think I might be on paternity leave when this article is posted.

I decided to have the leave because I want to take care my family as well as my work.

We are excited to see this article on R-Hack!

Yes, please!

Lastly, could you give us your comments to R-Hack readers?

: I strongly recommend “Commerce company”, because I can handle tasks smoothly in great atmosphere.

Am I praise too much? But, I surely think so.

And, I hope many people could read this talk and feel the atmosphere of a part of Rakuten.

By the way, I will be on the paternity leave, so see you then!!

Thank you so much, Mac-san!

From the author

It was a fun interview with Mac-san, because he happily talked us about his experience. He told us that he has started studying not only English but Chinese, a Chinese employee of Rakuten is teaching him. Rakuten has employees from overseas, so he enjoys learning their languages and cultures from them! I am sure that Mac-san will work hard more when he came back from his paternity leave. Thank you again, Mac-san!!


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