Rakuten Commerce QA Night Vol.3を開催しました


コマーステックでは、先週Rakuten Commerce QA Night Vol.3を開催しました。



今回でRakuten CommerceQA Nightは3回目となりますが、
(Rakuten CommerceQA Night#2はこちらを御覧ください)



今回のテーマは、「 STLC(ソフトウェアライフサイクル)上で生まれた様々なデータをSDLC(ソフトウェア開発ライフサイクル)に活かす」でした。

我々もよくあるSTLCとほぼほぼ同じように要求仕様の理解から始まりテスト設計、実装、実行、レポートという流れにおいてそのなかでRTMやTest SetsやReportingをアウトプットしています。これらを効果的、効率的に行うために我々は日々STLC自体をアップデートしています。その取り組みについて各チームから発表させて頂きました。


2.我々独自のSTLCフレームワークSTLC Rebootのご紹介

3.テスト設計、実装にフォーカスを当てたObject Oriented Test Componentという手法を紹介


Quality Assurance activities during / after product release
by Takashima


STLC Reboot: Boost your QA Team Now
by Rosana


Q1.Becoming 90% more effective in training new employees. its great
What are the most important success factors? 
The three most important factors are: 1) to have a clear target of which key points newcomers need to master to integrate quickly in the team activity 2) To keep the explanation as simple and practical as possible, avoiding abstract concepts 3) To make sure the framework we are teaching is logical. If a procedure doesn't make sense, the new team members are more likely to perform it poorly or don't perform it at all
 Q2.How you decide to add test cases in Master case and any review process by Dev/PDM team?
The Masterdata is created from our QA team perspective, that can be a bit different from a developer or project manager's perspective. For example, a developer that of course knows really well the web service he is coding, can judge that we are overtesting, but from our point of view of blackbox testing, we need to check the functionality without concentrating in the internal structure. This means that it will be the QA team who will create and maintain our Testware Library, and only if we need any additional information from the point of view of Business Impact, Priorities or Code dependencies, we will ask the advice of the rest of the stakeholders of the Product.
Q3.What tools do you use for automation testing? and what % of testing is automated? do you perform API, GUI testing using automation technique or manual?
Our Automation team uses multiple tools, including Ranorex and Jenkins. The percentage of test cases automated depends of the Service and the functionality, but we have achieved between a 70% and 80% coverage of the regression of critical functionalities. Concerning API and GUI testing, the scope of our Automation team is currently expanding to cover also API testing, but for the moment their scripts are UI based. This means API testing is done indirectly by the Manual team via Front.

Object Oriented Test Component
by Shienna


Q1.Do you use automation in travel if any one interested in that?

we do have our automation team who tests some features as well as regression testing

Q2.Does your team perform Automation? if yes, what tools/technique do you use?

yes we have automation.. we use selenium.