What are the key points to “#remote work”? We held an event to introduce remote work development methods.

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The chilly season is here!


In September, Commerce Tech held an online event to share tips for working from home. Many people who are working from home due to the spread of the novel coronavirus are confused by the new way of working but are working with ingenuity. The members of Commerce Tech are continuing to work from home as well!

This time, five members of Commerce Tech gave presentations on how they have tried to maintain and improve productivity in a telecommuting environment, from the perspectives of managers, designers and HR, as well as from the management perspective of regional offices.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event.

Presentation content

What changed/not changed in remote work between Sendai – Tokyo before and after COVID-19

Presenter: EC Marketplace Business Support Development Department Manager: Guy

Guy, the engineering manager at the Sendai branch office who had been working remotely between Tokyo and Sendai before COVID-19, shared with us how remote work had changed and not changed before and after COVID-19.


WFH style in Golf API Group

Presenter: Leisure Product Department Manager: Terence

Terence, the manager of GORA, talked about how he shifted to a more output-oriented work style in order to transition to remote work.




Rakuma-style close collaboration without close-contact, workshop and usability testing edition

Presenter: EC Incubation Development Department Assistant Manager: Icchy & EC Incubation Development Department: Yabecom

Icchy and Yabecom from Rakuma talked about how to do online workshops and usability testing.

There are difficult sides to online usability testing because you cannot see the testers directly, so you need to pay more attention to their movements than when you meet them in person. On the other hand, you do not need to meet in person, so it is easier to adjust schedules, which is an advantage.


How we overcame the “GoTo Travel Campaign” while working from home

Presenter: Travel Agile Department Manager: Taichi

Taichi gave a presentation on how he overcame the GoTo Travel Campaign, a government campaign at the time, while working from home.

The development of the GoTo Travel Campaign was extremely confusing because of the specifications changing many times, but he introduced how he tackled it.




No need to go to office! New fully online onboarding style

Presenter: Commerce Technology Administration Department Vise Senior Manager: Sakadai

Sakadai introduced the current method of onboarding at Commerce Tech.

Since employees are basically working from home, onboarding is also done remotely. Everything from the interview to the start of work is completed online.


This time we introduced you to the remote work event. Stay tuned for more event introductions here on R-hack!

Also, for anyone interested in Rakuten Commerce Tech, hiring information is available here.