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Meet-Up” event in Iizuka City

As part of countermeasures for coronavirus, Rakuten will implement following measures Event Date: January 24, 2020We hold this event before the enforcement of those measures.Currently, Rakuten voluntarily refrained from participating in ev…

Our very first event at Nagoya! "Commerce Tech Meetup" was held

Hi there! This is R-Hack editorial office. Rakuten held an event, “Commerce Tech Meet up in Nagoya”, on November 19th. The Commerce Company of Rakuten has many development bases (Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka) in Japan! Thi…

Data and the team are our assets! What is a Data Platform Engineer?

Hi there, This is Sasamon from Rakuten Fukuoka branch – yes, we do have an office in Fukuoka where many engineers are working very successfully! Today we interviewed one of them, Daigoro.

What’s about Fukuoka branch? We will introduce the fascination of the Fukuoka branch

Hi, everyone. I am Sasamon. I am working as an engineer at Rakuten Fukuoka branch. Rakuten Group has many branches in Japan.

7 Ddevelopment sites Offices in Japan. Welcome “to-be” rural workers!

Hi! Today let us tell you about the “U-turn / I-turn” (recruiting people who wish to return to their hometown or people who wish to move out of big cities to rural areas) event hosted by Commerce Tech division, targeting for engineers.