What’s “Meetup in Nagoya”? To close in on the secret behind the Nagoya branch


Hi, Everyone!

Hi, Everyone!Rakuten Commerce Tech is planning and running some events every month.Today, we would like to announce you our “Meet Up Event at Nagoya branch” on 19th November, 2019.

Actually, development base in Nagoya is not well known yet, but they have many Commerce Tech members, and only our Commerce Company has the development base in Nagoya regardless of the wide ranges of development in Rakuten.  

Our R-Hack Editorial Office is hoping that the Rakuten Nagoya branch will be widely known among our all employees through this event. The name of the event is“Rakuten Commerce Tech Meetup in Nagoya – That is shown for the first time in Japan! Close in on the secret behind the Nagoya branch. - ”

3:How we build creative global teams at Rakuten?
Yes, we can close in on the secret behind the Nagoya branch!! That’s sounds fun, isn’t that?We are having three theme of the talk event.1. Startup as a major enterprise – The history and the future of the Nagoya branch.2. Hot to brush up the develop service in Nagoya branch.3. How we build creative global teams at Rakuten?  

All of them are interesting, aren’t they? After the talk event, we are also planning to have a party that you can meet with not only the participants but also the members of the Nagoya branch.I am so interested in the event and will join it. I will update an article about this event on “R-hack”. Don’t miss it! If you are interested in, like me, please visit the following link to apply the event.

We look forward to your active participation! 


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