Give thanks for each other! Smile Winter 2019 - Thank You Week was held!

Hi, everyone, this is R-Hack editorial office.

2020 has begun, how was your year end and New Year holidays?

An event “Smile Winter 2019 - Thank You Week” was held at Rakuten to give thanks each other among employees.

During the event, the following message cards with marshmallows were given out at a cafeteria in Rakuten Crimson House so that employees can give them to co-workers with thank you message.


When you don’t have enough time to prepare cards or sweets, it would help you to try it.   

It might be embarrassing to say “Thank You” in person…, but it can be easier to express your gratitude to your bosses who have always been supporting you, or colleges who gave you good advice. Your handwritten message will make them happy!

Some people who are shy to say “Thank you” in person left it on their desk.

During the event, messages and photos from the Rakuten executives are posted on the bulletin board at the Rakuten Crimson house cafeteria


Here is the handwritten message from our president!


In R-Hack editorial office, some colleges were handing over greeting cards to each other as well. It can improve the communication of your teams.

2020 has just begun! Why don’t you show appreciation to your close relationship?

If you share positive messages, it looks like you can get more motivated and have a good year in 2020!