What’s the Commerce Company?



Currently Rakuten has its services available for more than 70 businesses in approx.30 countries/regions globally.

Given our businesses are in rapid growth with diversified workforce, we have introduced the Company system in order for us to realize the organization with more speed and higher productivity.
Now Rakuten consists of 5 Companies:

  • Commerce Company
  • Media & Sports Company
  • Communications & Energy Company
  • Investment & Incubation Company
  • Fintech Group Company

Each Company has different sections by business and the organization is mainly divided into Business side and Technology side.
R-Hack team is part of the Technology side, where people are working for service development under the Commerce Company.
Commerce Company provides approximately 30 services at the moment, including:

  • “Rakuten Ichiba” –one of the largest internet shopping mall in Japan
  • “Rakuten Travel” – the website for Travel services including accommodation booking
  • “Rakuma” – virtual flea market application with products in all genres
  • “Rakuten GORA” – the largest reservation site in Japan for golf courses
  • “Rakuten Books” – on-line bookstore

…and more services for shopping, leisure and day-to-day goods/activities are available to support our customers to enjoy their lives & make things easy with good values.

Details about each service will be coming soon – please stay connected!
About services by Commerce Company