Commerce Tech welcomes 56 new grads! How ceremonies are held during the time of COVID-19


Hi, everyone. This is R-hack editorial office.
It’s April and 56 new graduates for 2021 have joined Commerce Tech.
Unlike the business side, the development side doesn’t hold welcoming ceremonies.
There’s no welcoming ceremonies because the development side go by global standards and recruit year-round. It seems welcoming ceremonies aren’t very common outside of Japan.
At Commerce Tech, we hold our own welcoming ceremonies for new graduates.


Here is a look at the ceremony.
Due to the situation of COVID-19, the ceremony was held online.
Participants included new graduates who joined the company in April, Commerce Tech’s executives, general managers, mentors and many others.

The ceremony included
+ Speeches by the executives
+ Advice from senior employee
+ Greeting speech by the new graduate representative

It was very close to a welcoming ceremony.

In the end, we all took a group photo together. Taking photos online was a little difficult! Although the ceremony was held online, it’s not often that colleagues joining in the same year can get together, so I think it was a valuable opportunity for them.

The 56 new graduates will continue their training for a while, but I hope they will do their best to always remember their initial enthusiasm.

R-hack will post reports on the training programs for new graduates, which are held until they are assigned to a position, so stay tuned!

Hopefully one day we can hold welcoming ceremonies offline!