Where is the most comfortable meeting room in your home?

Where is the most comfortable meeting room in your home?

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This time, I wrote the second article about working from home. Please enjoy it!

How have you been spending your time recently? This is Freddie.

I am a QA engineer for "Rakuten GORA", "Rakuten Beauty", "Rakuten toto", and "Rakuten Keiba".

This is the second time I write on R-Hack. In the first article, I wrote about QA engineers very seriously, so please take a look.


Our company says its policy covers the workers and their family members. We are recommended to telecommute for a while.

My child's elementary school has also been closed since March 2nd. So she is studying hard at home.

In this situation, I can focus on my tasks. But "Meeting" is a little difficult because it disturbs my kid's study and she loses her concentration.

So today I'd like to explain you guys about my "Life hack" based on my favorite phrase "Hack the whole life".

1. Must buy items

Camera is iPhone, audio is headphones, and presentations are on a laptop.

The following are the necessary items for the meetings, which I assume have two patterns.

Pattern 1. Kids are playing in another room.

Pattern 2. Kids concentrate on studying.

The first item is a smartphone tripod for Pattern 1 to fix the camera.

Item 1)



Camera's instability annoys other participants, so the fixed camera is super important.

This is a must buy item for Pattern 2. This equipment is originally used to fix the smartphone at the air conditioner outlet space in your car.

Item 2)



And these are the headphones I use.



2. Pattern 1: Kids are playing in their room

You can complete the camera and laptop with Item 1.


3. Pattern 2: Kids are studying so you need to keep silence

3-1. the best place for meeting

My favorite place for meetings is …



The bath room.
The reasons are as follows.
1. Excellent soundproofing
2. Can be locked to avoid intrusion
Let me explain how to create the best meeting room in your house.

3-2. Keep the bathroom dry

Dry the bathroom well in order to protect your laptop and electronic devices from water damage.

Drying is the most important preparation.


3-3. Lock the door

After drying the bathroom, lock the door so that other people won’t accidentally come in.


3-3. Fix your camera in the bathroom

Use Item 2 to fix your camera.


3-4. Finally, attend the meeting seriously


It looks funny but I’m so serious.

4. Conclusion

Working from home can be comfortable at your own pace if you utilize your environment. You can improve your working efficiency.

Today I explained my life hack. I hope you enjoy it.

If you learned and enjoyed yourself even for a little bit, it makes me happy.

Have a happy “work from home”.