Let’s think seriously about “Privacy” Privacy Awareness Week

Hi, there! This is R-Hack editorial office.

This is quite sudden, but do you know what day is the day on 28th January?

People who could answer immediately must be conscious about protecting privacy! The day is “Data Privacy Day”. Today, we will introduce an event regarding this Data Privacy Day.

Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and personal data protection. Although it is not widely known in Japan, but is internationally established day. 

Ensuring privacy and user data is priority for Rakuten, since we provide wide variety of services on the internet.

The Global Privacy Office (GPO) department of Rakuten oversees privacy compliance of all Rakuten group, and appropriately protects data our employees handle. 

Make “Privacy Protection” fun, easy to understand, and familiar

The GPO hold an event, “Privacy Awareness Week”, regarding the privacy protection for five days between 27th January and 31st.


The above cute penguin is a guide of the event.

Why penguin…? There is an important reason!

The bravest penguin, who is the first to jumps into the sea for catching fishes even though it might contain predators, is called “The First Penguin”.

Rakuten would like to take the lead on Japanese Privacy Policy like the First Penguin.

For the five days on “Privacy Awareness Week”, many daily contents are distributed, like useful tips of privacy for using website, learning privacy protection on quiz or comics.

This event  held a movie screening  on the third day. The R-Hack editing room member has also infiltrated there!



This is the entrance of the hall. The hand-writing penguin is cute, too!



Before the movie screening, some audiences have gathered. Some snacks are prepared in front of the screen! 

The movie was “The Truman Show”. Truman Burbank, who has a job in the insurance business, live in Seaheaven Island. But one day, he learnt that the island is fake and made in a huge studio, and his life is being broadcast 24/7 on a worldwide TV program, “The Truman Show”.

Countless hidden cameras are set everywhere, and all other residents are actors. What kind of behavior is expected of him as recognized this fact?

If our life is under monitoring by someone, too…. Even thinking of it makes us shudder. 

By the way, we interviewed Martha-san from GPO about this event and efforts of GPO.



Global Privacy Office



To promote our privacy protection in Rakuten, it is essential to understand the privacy and think them as our matter.

However, privacy is sometimes regarded as complicated and difficult to understand. So, we tried to make it fun and familiar as much as possible.

This year, we created the penguin illustration as our icon so that it catches many people’s eyes, and used it on each content.

Also, we distributed five contents daily, and hoped people could be interested in any one from them by dispatching about privacy in different ways.

For employees who have never really thought about that, it would be great if this event is a chance for them to recognize the privacy protection is their own problem.

Also, on this event, we had many positive feedback from the participants, like “It was fun, and easy to understand.” “I could confirm my understanding was correct.”.

We hope to dispatch fun contents regularly and to hold upgraded “Privacy Awareness Week” next year.

One of GPO’s mission is to widely notify privacy issues.

Rakuten is praised by expert regarding privacy, so we are often asked to lecture at workshops and contribute trade magazine. We would like to proactively distribute to both inside and outside of our company in easy way to understand, because it is still difficult for people other than experts.         

This event was a chance for me to reaffirm that it is important to normally pay attention for risks of our daily lives, like searching and browsing websites, and posting on social media.  

We will introduce our company events and news, so please keep your eye on R-Hack!