Assistant Manager Jackie: Rakuten Group’s environment provides opportunities to enhance your career in various positions




Entry date…joined Rakuten Group in July 2019

Department…Leisure Product Department (LPD)

Position…Assistant Manager


Hobby…reading, taking photos, collecting keyboards

Hi, this is R-Hack editorial office. Jackie, from the Philippines, became a member of Rakuten Group when the startup she was working at was acquired by Rakuten Group. We interviewed Jackie, who was promoted to Assistant Manager after joining Rakuten Group and is now enjoying a good work-life balance as well.

You can experience a variety of roles! Ideal environment for those who want to build their career

--Can you start by introducing yourself?

Hi there, I'm Jackie, and I come from the Philippines. I graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Baños with a degree in Computer Science. In my free time, I enjoy reading, taking photos, and collecting keyboards.



--Please tell us about your career before coming to Japan and joining Rakuten Group.

Before I came to Japan and joined Rakuten Group, my career took some twists. I began in web development, focusing on the LAMP / MAMP stack. Later, I shifted towards native mobile app development for both Android and iOS. During this time, I also became a Scrum Master and Tech Lead for my team. Afterwards, I worked as an Assistant Project Manager on a telematics project. However, I started to miss development and returned to mobile app work in a startup. At that startup, I also dipped into web development, using Javascript, GraphQL, and Nuxt / Vue. Eventually, Rakuten Group acquired that startup, and I became an Assistant Manager in my current group.


--You were promoted to Assistant Manager after joining Rakuten Group. What was the process leading up to your promotion?

Rakuten Group offers a diverse range of services with a strong reputation. This means there are plenty of opportunities for employees, as there are a variety of jobs and positions in engineering, product development, management, and such.

In my case, I began as an Applications Engineer in my current team. Through the various learning avenues like projects and training, I progressed into my current role as Assistant Manager. Rakuten Group is an ideal place for those who want to explore different roles and career paths.

Becoming a member of Rakuten Group led to a fulfilling work-life balance

--Jackie, please tell us about your current work.

I currently work in the Auto Ecosystem Development Section within the “Rakuten Car car purchase (Japanese only)” Car Auction Development Team. team manages everything, starting from scheduling vehicle inspections and carrying out the inspections, all the way to the vehicle auctions. Our responsibilities go beyond just developing applications. We also handle server maintenance. Currently, we have multiple projects in the pipeline, so our work is varied. We are working to enhance our existing features to provide a better experience for our diverse user base.



--So, Jackie, you became a member of Rakuten Group when the startup was acquired by Rakuten Group. Can you tell us about the changes you experienced since you joined, such as the way you work?

After joining Rakuten Group, I needed to make some changes in my work approach, in a good way. Before joining, my work hours were mostly focused on coding. This left me with little time for other activities like learning, training, or collaborating with other teams. Being part of Rakuten Group gives me access to valuable resources like training, mentoring from senior experts, and books. By participating in various team activities, I also have the chance to learn from a diverse set of members with varying backgrounds and personalities. Also, my work-life balance is great since joining Rakuten Group. I feel fulfilled at work because I learn something new almost every day. Plus, since our team has made our system stable and dependable, there's no need for excessive overtime. This means we all get to enjoy our free time after work.


--You are enjoying a positive impact on both your personal and professional life. Can you tell us about what you would like to achieve in the future at Rakuten Group?

Currently, I'm keen on maintaining my dual role of supporting both the team's management and technical needs. Additionally, I recognize the need to enhance my soft skills and people management abilities. I aim to contribute effectively to my team's growth and the service's success to the best of my capabilities.


We look forward to your continued success, both as an engineer and Assistant Manager!


Come work with us!

Leisure Product Department (LPD) is looking for colleagues to join our team in developing new services, performing daily operations, and making improvements! Recruitment is open for a wide range of positions, including engineers and product managers. We look forward to your application.

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