Released English Version of Open Position Search Page

Hello. This is R-Hack editorial office.

Today I’d like to announce you that we have released the English version of the Open Position Search Page.

What is the Open Position Search Page?
・ All of open positions in Rakuten Commerce Company are listed.
・ It is possible to narrow down by service or position that you are interested in.
・ Update to the latest open positions by-weekly. You can check the latest Open position

If you are interested in Rakuten Commerce Company, you can refer to open positions from the above page.
Now, Rakuten Commerce Company is not limited to recruiting activities only in Japan, but is also open to applicants residing overseas.
*Currently, if you live abroad, we are hiring only those who can move to Japan.

You can apply from each open position, so please check each page for details.
We are looking forward to your application!

Thank you for reading all.
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