A new concept for an office space!? Laundry service in the office?

Hello again.
There are many equipment/environmental features available within Rakuten Crimson House so that all employees could have a healthy and comfortable time in our workplace; about which you can see some stories in this R-Hack article series. One of the amazing features is that we have the dry-cleaning services within the working space!

Yes, a cleaning services shop, which we usually see on the street, is available within the office building! Think we should update our traditional image on what an “office” is!
Now let’s look at the details about “Rakuten Cleaning”.

This is the entrance for the Office Support Center on the 9th Floor of Rakuten Crimson House. There are counters for each service available to support various inquiries from employees.

The counter for cleaning services is located in the back of the Office Support Center. They accept dry cleaning orders only.

You may have experiences like “oh I have to take this clothes to a laundry service soon” – but actually you never go in the end… ? You are too busy before / after working hours, and unexpected errands pop up on weekends.

The in-house laundry service helps you as it can resolve your issue! You can drop off your clothes for washing in the office, and pick up can be sometime during your spare time.

Additionally – they offer desk-drop services for those who are too busy to go to the 9th floor for pick-ups, or even home delivery is possible! Wow!

Some extra charges would occur for the special delivery services but isn’t this great for ultra-busy people or those who do not have easy access to local laundry service shop in their residence area?
There are some seasonal offerings for special discounts that makes their prices very reasonable.

Some employees keep their suits and jackets in the office so they can pick them up from / put back to its storing place near their desk after cleaning.

If you become a “premium member”, the prices will be all 10% off at any time!
You can just purchase the shopping bag for the premium membership.

They have a cleaning menu for sneakers too! We can see posters on the wall of stairways for that service. It’s such a nice and convenient service – and very popular among employees too, it is a tough work if you do it by yourself!

Our workplace, Rakuten Crimson House is a place where the wish-list items come true! Please see more stories on R-Hack!