Reaching "Zero Customer Dissatisfaction"

At Rakuten Commerce Company,
We have a wide variety of services, such as "Rakuten Ichiba", "Rakuma", "Rakuten Books", "Rakuten Beauty", "Rakuten GORA", etc..
These services require extremely high quality so that users can use them comfortably every day.
We call this quality assurance job QA (Quality Assurance).
In this series let me introduce, the "QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer"
We will break it down into three episodes.
First episode is from Fujiwara.
Service Quality Assurance Group Manager, Leisure Service Development Division,
Leisure Service Products Department, Commerce Company
He will talk about their mission and activities. 


Fumikazu Fujiwara | Freddie
Service Quality Assurance Group
Leisure Product Department
Commerce Company Rakuten, Inc.

He started working in an internet service company as a new graduate and was a web developer for E-Commerce service.
After that, he joined Rakuten in August 2010. At Rakuten, he experienced the development of various platforms such as Rakuten affiliate and Rakuten Ichiba review and so on.
From 2017 he was assigned to current position. The products he is responsible for are Rakuten GORA, Rakuten Beauty, Rakuten toto and Rakuten Horse Racing


Why am I here

"Diversified organization" is the key factor for me when choosing a job.
I want to be a person who influences all over the world.
this is my career goal from 2004 when I started working.
That's why I chose an Internet company which has  tens of millions of users. 
but I gradually felt mono culture organization is not enough to achieve this goal.
in 2010 Rakuten started the official language of English. (English-nization
so I joined Rakuten and it made me dive in diversified culture from mono culture in Japan.
In addition, "Made In Japan" means that “Japan QA” is more Quality Controlled.
there are many communities that actively create technology inside and outside the company.From the environmental point of view, this is the best choice to grow myself to reach the career goal.

What are we aiming for?

Our mission is "Zero Customer Dissatisfaction".
We do not stick to any particular method to achieve this goal.
People may think "QA = Quality Test Work". However, actually QA has a wider range of work.
We approach it by breaking it down into the following 3 parts.
No Broken, No Downtime and No Struggle

No Broken

The following are examples that there shouldn't be. 
In Golf course booking(Rakuten GORA) user can't book golf course correctly,
or booking result shows different course which is not the booked one,
or in hair salon booking(Rakuten Beauty) search result shows different list of salon which don’t match the search conditions.

With such kind of broken, we might lose user's satisfaction and trust easily.
QA is a very important task not only for users but also for protecting Rakuten brand.


No Downtime

Even if it's not broken, you might face trouble in a downtime.
For example, In horse racing service(Rakuten Keiba),
the server might be overloaded every time when the voting deadline is closed and people cannot buy ticket, or the screen might be heavy due to unexpected access because of some big campaign.
So "No down time" is one of the key missions that should be accomplished by QA.

No Struggle

Final one is preventing user struggles(stress).
For example, if there is a button-like UI on our page, you want to click it,
but unfortunately it's not a button so nothing happens.
The button-like UI confuses users.
Analyzing user behavior which is recorded by log and data to find out struggle point in our product
and then giving some feedback to PDMs based on the analytics
it's also one of the essential tasks for QA.

I believe that "Zero Customer Dissatisfaction" can only be achieved if all the three points are met.
We don't hesitate to use various methods in order to achieve our mission.
The reason why "Made in Japan" good quality products are recognized around the world is not only because of their function, but also because of their quality.
This concept can be adopted for software products as well. 


What kind of member can work well in our team?

I can say all our team members are hugely successful because they "stand out".
What all the members have in common is not only just proceeding with their duties but also making use of their strengths to contribute to each other.
Besides that there are also working on unique themes
such as testing metrics analysis, training program development,
compatibility testing for upgrading iOS and Android
development of new test management methods and so on.
Also, Junior members have opportunity to actively participate in internal and external training to gain fundamental knowledge and his/her strength for the future.

In Episode 02 Let's talk about specific stories which we succeeded in the mission "Zero Customer Dissatisfaction".