Stand up or Sit down – it’s up to you! What is the comfortable working environment like for engineers?

Hi all – this time let us introduce the working environment for the engineers in Commerce Company.

Don’t you have the image that engineers must be sitting in front of PC all day long for working?  Let’s see if that is true.

We walked into the workplace of engineers to check how they are working!

They spend a lot of hours for their own development tasks but also they are  spending much time for discussions – for reporting or consulting about their work.

And… we see many people are standing up while working!


At Rakuten Crimson House all desks are auto-rising/lowering by using electronic switch buttons so you can adjust the height of the desk to whatever level you like.

We often hear that sitting down for long hours is not good for our health, but what exactly works good if you stand up while working?

Engineers who were standing told us as follows:


“It’s for refreshments!  I feel my brain gets very clear when I stand up, after struggling with some issues for a while and hitting a wall in my mind.”


 “To avoid sleeping!!  You cannot get rid of the sleepiness by just stretching while sitting down.”


 “I have got the back pain problem.  Can’t sit down for too long.   I need to stand up in every few hours and stretch out my back.”


Ah we see… so there are a lot of merits with standing sometimes, not just sitting for long.


We thought you may get tired if you stand up for working, however it is true that you could lose your focus if you keep sitting down for long hours.  Also it is very convenient and efficient to stand up when you discuss something over a monitor sharing.

It seems people stand up more in the afternoon for discussing that made the atmosphere of the workplace a very lively one.

It is great that these automated desks are available not only for employees’ working space but also in meeting rooms and canteens, which are larger sized ones!


We are hearing many positive feedback from engineers that “My stuffed shoulders and poor circulation have got better thanks to this electric desk”, or “I can work more efficiently”, as they choose to stand up or sit down at any time depending on their health condition or type of tasks they are doing.


We will share more topics about the work / life of engineers in Commerce Company – please stay in touch!